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7 People
6 Large Cases

According to the press, the Mercedes V-Class is possibly one of the world’s most expensive family carriers on the market, the reason I bring this to your attention is because it blooming well should be, for a people carrier that oozes luxury, charm, character… like this does, you will be hard pressed not to understand why! It is a shame that no one informed the royal family of the Mercedes Viano when they transported their family to the wedding…

The Mercedes V-Class as you can imagine is perfect for parties of up to seven people, it has excellent luggage capacity and increased passenger comfort, as this particular one happens to be the rare model that has the extra soft padded seating and extra long wheelbase providing you with better comfort and legroom.

The interior is hand finished in the finest and most luxurious of hand stitched leathers, upholstered and topped with the most magnificent walnut trim.

There are 12-volt power socket access points available for rear passengers as well as an onboard fridge, cooler box and refreshments which are only available upon request.

If you are a family holidaying in London and would like to hire a chauffeur and our 7 seater Mercedes V-Class for your tours or travel then please get in touch, this is an excellent option which cannot only save you money in a few London taxis, but will also keep your whole family together under one roof to enjoy the views.