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About Us

Hire a London Chauffeur

Hire a London Chauffeur is a family run business, founded in London back in 2008, we have a combined chauffeuring experience of over 12 years within the industry.

We kind of fell into the business some 10 years ago, driven by our love and passion for a certain style of luxury vehicle, and of course the pleasure of driving around in these tame beasts was something we wanted to initially share with our friends and family but we never really wanted them to have the keys, just experience the drive, however they all seemed to enjoy being chauffeured around and made a point of it, so it seemed common sense to us at the time to pursue this passion and approximately three years later we set up Hire a London Chauffeur.

hire a london chauffeur


Now you didn’t think the story will just end like that did you? Good, I hoped not! As you could imagine with blinkers on, we embarked into a world we had not entered before and subsequently we needed to act and act fast as the competition was vast, it then became our sole mission to create a service not unlike any other, but better than any other, we believed little needs change in chauffeuring, but be improved upon, keeping the traditional chauffeuring style, qualities and techniques (like that of a butler), but reinstalling chauffeuring to what it used to be, by clearly defining the difference between hiring a chauffeur to that of a luxury taxi service so that people cannot just clearly define the difference, but experience something they will never forget, the ride of their life.

Please take browse through our site and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our phone number is +447469846963.

We look forward to be working for you!