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Chauffeur Driven Cars in London

Nothing can describe the sensation of being chauffeur driven around especially in one of the world’s most sought after vehicles.

Chauffeur Driven Cars London

Up until more recent years, being chauffeured around was for the select few. In the 1920’s almost up until the late 1970’s chauffeurs and luxury cars were predominantly employed and purchased by the rich and famous, in many cases the butler would double up as the chauffeur, otherwise there were few companies offering these types of services, it was not up until the 1980’s before chauffeur driven cars and limousines became more common place, due to the rise of filofax holding, brick mobile phone talking, yuppies. ‘These Young Upwardly Mobile Professionals were part of the Margaret Thatcher era (1979 to 1990) which was a time of prosperity, rising house prices, big bonuses and higher wages, (sound familiar?) for the Southern half of the UK at least, however it brought with it a new age and new ideology, that you no longer had to be just rich to afford and enjoy the luxury of being chauffeured around, subsequently a vast rise in predominantly chauffeur driven limousines, or stretched vehicles, many customised, from Lincolns to Mercedes even Ferraris were used for such services, and the majority of those offering this to the masses were trained chauffeurs and or butlers.

Chauffeur Driven Cars London


Chauffeur Services

By the 2000’s leading up to 2010 we start to see a very interesting change arise within the chauffeur market, both from a user/client perspective as well as from the luxury car manufacturers’ perspective, vastly prompted by the growing number of super rich and wealthy. From the chauffeur company perspective far fewer people were choosing to hire the overstretched vehicle/limousine compared to previous decades, with more people booking a more understated less flashy alternative, as well as the added increase of people using chauffeur driven cars for airport transfers, social affairs and even sightseeing tours, all of which could be awkward to do in a stretch limo.

Luxury Chauffeur Services

From the luxury car makers’ perspective they have had to adjust their vehicles to accommodate the back seat passenger, meaning that where originally most of the luxury car buyers were purchasing the cars for themselves to drive, they had started to migrate to bigger vehicles to be driven in, instead. Funny enough this has in fact increased the number of people booking chauffeur services as a whole, as it is far cheaper and less hassle hiring a car and driver than it is to purchase a car and employ a chauffeur. However the major changes within the industry have not come from the luxury car manufacturer or the client/customer, but from the chauffeur companies themselves, the majority of the original trained butlers/chauffeurs have since retired with vitally no-one taking the reigns, instead providing not a chauffeur service but a glorified minicab service. That is were we like to step in and keep the tradition going.

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